BattleFly DAO: Fully Decentralizing the BattleFly Network

January 17, 2023


BattleFly has always been a community driven project. The Founders came together on Twitter as part of their involvement in TreasureDAO, and many core contributors started as passionate community members willing to build for free. We bootstrapped 8 months of development using emissions from Magic staked in our Founder NFT vaults from those believing in our collective vision. A strong community allowed us to ship Racer, build Flywheel, amass a treasury earning the highest yield in Harvester wars, and build our core game.

In light of this, we’re excited to announce that BattleFly will be putting governance into the hands of gFLY holders as we move to a fully decentralized model. We’re incredibly bullish on our community, and can’t wait to shape the future of BattleFly together.

We introduce Battlefly DAO.

The following sections outline the formation of BattleFly DAO, how it will function/operate, and how governance will work.

Entity Formation

BattleFly DAO intends to formally register as either Cayman Foundation or DAO LLC based on guidance from legal counsel. A separate DAO proposal will be submitted to highlight the benefits and allow us to collectively make this decision.

BattleFly DAO will operate separately from BattleFly LLC, a Delaware based organization that currently holds legal agreements, employs contractors and has a pending trademark application. BattleFly DAO will formally employ BattleFly LLC to provide services on behalf of and for the benefit of the DAO. There will be a DAO appointed Council to oversee and manage this relationship and ensure that 100% intellectual property created within the BattleFly network is ultimately retained by the DAO.



Governance will be executed by DAO vote in the following manner:

  1. A proposal is submitted via Discord in our #Governance-Discussion channel
  2. A DAO appointed council will decide to move the proposal forward to Snapshot
  3. An on-chain Snapshot vote opens, followed by a 3 day period for voting
  4. Snapshot proposals that end with a simple majority be implemented by the DAO

Disclaimer: The DAO appointed council will have the right to veto proposals that are deemed to be malicious in nature or illegal.

Voting Rights

BattleFlyDAO governance rights will be granted to holders of gFLY tokens that are:

  • Staked and locked in the BattleFly Flywheel dashboard, and
  • Accrued to vest over time for the Team and investors.

Effectively locked and vesting tokens are treated identically for the purposes of DAO governance, and both represent one vote.

Governance Power

The DAO has governance rights over:

  1. BattleFly Network
  2. BattleFly Treasury
  3. BattleFly’s Flywheel

Material Information

We are disclosing the following information to provide full transparency to the DAO.


Note: Harvester related wallets will not be publicly disclosed to the benefit of the DAO.

Token Allocation

Vesting & Distribution Timeline

For any questions, please reach out to us in Discord.

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