Countdown to Launch

February 27, 2022

Countdown to launch

Firstly, to the 100k+ people we have in our community across Discord and Twitter, thank you for the ❤️ and support. Our BattleFly team is now close to 30 people strong and we can’t wait to share what we’ve been building.

This post will cover some key details about the upcoming mint, marketplace, launch and gameplay.

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • It’s a free mint, and will run for 48 hours from next Wednesday 9am PST.
  • You need 5 $Magic in your whitelisted wallet in order to get your free mint. (We don’t take this, it just has to be there).
  • There are 30,000 Genesis Cocoons available in this mint.
  • You’ll be able to sell and transfer your Cocoons on the [🤐REDACTED] Marketplace within 48 hours of the mint finishing.
  • Your BattleFly has a natural lifespan that will span many seasons, but you can reboot it if you want to start again.
  • The game is still on track to start mid-March.
  • The BattleFly Whitepaper is currently being reviewed and we expect to publish it in the next week.

And here’s the detail…

1 : The mint

Wen mint?

The Genesis Cocoon mint will take place at on Wednesday 9am PST.

We will be publishing the master whitelist before Monday 9am PST. If you are on this whitelist, you will be able to mint — if you are not, you are ineligible for a genesis cocoon 😢.

To mint you will need 5 $Magic in the same wallet that you are whitelisted with. We do not take this Magic — it will stay in your wallet — but we figure this requirement is the best way to ensure people who actually want to play the game end up with cocoons.

Can I stack whitelist spots?

Yes. Some lucky people will have received a whitelist spot for a BattleFly Partner Edition, and a general whitelist as well. They will be able to mint two cocoons during the mint.

It will not be possible for people to stack general whitelist spots. These are strictly one per wallet.

What to do if you’ve missed out on a whitelist spot

We’re sorry you’ve missed out — but all is not lost:

  • Cocoons will be available to trade on the marketplace;
  • A secondary drop of ‘legendary cocoons’ will be released in the coming months, so stay active in our community and Discord.
  • Breeding will start in Season 2 which will increase the supply of cocoons.

We want this game to grow to a level where hundreds of thousands of people are playing every day, so rest assured, we want you in the game as soon as possible.

How many of the 30,000 cocoons are going to the team?

1,000 cocoons will be distributed to our hard-working builders, mods, community and partnership managers, advisors and artists (roughly 3% of total supply).

2. Marketplace

Within 48 hours of the Genesis Cocoon mint finishing, you will be able to buy, sell and transfer Cocoons on [🤐REDACTED].

This is what your Cocoon will look like:

In the marketplace you will also be able to see some additional properties of your Cocoon, including whether its part of a rare BattleFly Partner Edition.

3. Season 1

We are going to let people enjoy trading cocoons for a short period before we open the game.

In mid-March, the game will open and Season 1 will play out across three phases called Chrysalis, Genesis Battles and Ascension.

Your BattleFly’s natural lifespan will last many seasons, but in the future choices you make such as breeding or engaging in high-stakes battles may accelerate its ageing.

Phase 1 — Chrysalis

To release your BattleFly from its cocoon, you will need to stake it in The Silo for two weeks with 5 $Magic. (We told you that Magic would come in useful!)

During this period, several things will happen:

  1. You will earn emissions on your staked $Magic (ie. you will finish with more Magic than you started with);
  2. Your BattleFly’s four starting mods will be progressively revealed; and
  3. The Silo will gradually crumble enabling the next phase to commence.

Note, periodic airdrops may happen for users staked in the silo. 🎉

The Silo progressively changes as more cocoons are staked.

Part of the strategy in the Chrysalis phase will be choosing whether to stick with the cocoon you have, or try to trade for a cocoon that has a different starting loadout.

  • For people looking to degen into the Hyperdome from Day 1, getting the strongest cocoon out of the gate will be important
  • For people looking to farm, buying a number of cheaper cocoons and playing a long game should be viable.

Phase 2 — Genesis

Previously the Genesis phase was expected to last for two weeks. We’ve extended this out to four weeks. Why? — because it’s damn good fun battling in the Hyperdome and we think you’ll want more.

The game mechanic stays the same. You can stake your BattleFly in the Garden to salvage mods, steadily upgrading your load-out over time. Rare mods are going to be very hard to get at first, with players farming a Legendary weapon on average once every 22 days. In any case, a legendary mod is far from a guarantee of victory in the Hyperdome, a well-built BattleFly with mods complementing each other can win the day.

When you’re ready, you’ll stake your BattleFly with $Magic in the hyperdome against 99 other players. We have made a small adjustment to Season 1 staking — you’ll only be able to choose from pre-set entry amounts (5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 $Magic). This is to make it easier for players to understand the game, but don’t worry — degen mode is coming soon.

BattleFlys awaiting combat in the Hyperdome

There is one massive change to our tokenomics that will be outlined in our upcoming whitepaper. Previously when a player lost a battle, they would simply lose 1.25% of their $Magic and that was it. This is no longer the case … more to be revealed soon.

Your BattleFly will have four weeks to farm Mods, battle in the Hyperdome and earn as much ROI as possible. At the conclusion of the Genesis phase, it will receive its Genesis Rank, based on its load-out, win/loss record and ROI generated.

Phase 3 — Ascension

To prepare for Season 2, all BattleFlys need to either ascend to Earth, or reboot.

Rebooting will be simple — you’ll start again, with the same BattleFly and original load-out, and progress through the Genesis Phase a second time. This will cost you time, and slightly shorten the overall life-span of your BattleFly.

If you’re happy with your BattleFly, you’ll proceed to the Ascension phase. Here, you will stake your BattleFly with a small amount of $Magic, prompting the ten AI powers who control Earth to try and recruit you to their faction in readiness for Season 2.

You will have to make some tough choices during this phase. The AI factions will pay you bribes (in the form of $Magic emissions) to try and attract your BattleFly, but the value of these bribes will decrease if you reveal your preference and/or a specific faction becomes popular.

You will be able to have multiple BattleFlys in your wallet during this period, all active in different phases of Season 1.

4. What is the role of RNG in the gameplay?

@Jean, @Pragmatic and @Artem in our team have built an incredible combat engine from the ground up for BattleFly, comprising over 240 Mods (weapons, shields and other utilities).

This means that:

  • No BattleFly is invincible; and
  • The outcome of a battle is a fine-tuned combination of strategy, balance and luck.

This screenshot from our backend simulator shows what happens in just one second of battle between two BattleFlys. (This is just the text version — not what the game looks like!)

Keen eyes will see that each mod brings its own unique capabilities with regard to attack damage, speed and recharging, evasion and defence.

Every 3 minutes, two BattleFlys in each Hyperdome are randomly selected to fight. In season 1, this is where RNG plays the biggest role in the game, but we have introduced a ‘reload and recharge’ curve to prevent anomalies like back-to-back battles taking place.

5. Wen more BattleFly content?

We have a heap of BattleFly information coming out over the next ten or so days, including:

  • The BattleFly Lore Guide (currently 67 pages 🤓 and more to come!)
  • Game strategy guides
  • Our website
  • Our whitepaper, including a deep dive into our tokenomics. Some of the smartest brains in DeFi and game design are helping us fine-tune this and we can’t wait to drop it on you.

Stay tuned to our Discord and Twitter for more info on these.

6. Other things you should know

  • Exclusive in-game gifts, including rare mods will be airdropped to players who hold their cocoons/BattleFlys across Season 1. (Players who purchase a cocoon in the Marketplace and hold for the balance of Season 1 will also be eligible). Regular snapshots of BattleFly NFT holders will be taken throughout Season 1 to facilitate this.
  • In response to the tragic situation unfolding in Ukraine, our incredible artist @hasbulla has created a unique Peace x BattleFly Edition that we will be auctioning in the coming days. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to support their mission to assist Ukrainian victims.
Peace x BattleFly Edition
  • Finally, for people who missed out on our Founders NFTs, we will shortly be announcing another way to participate in the project. Stay tuned.

That’s it for now folks.

Thanks again for your support, and don’t forget to buy $Magic over at

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