Building while you were sleeping

April 5, 2022

Battlefly’s been building. We’ve been building something big.

Our V1 and V2 Founder Token raises were a huge success and what better way to reward our holders than with mega returns. In order to do this, the Battlefly team decided to add to the original terms of the V1 & V2 Founder Tokens! (see full list of entitlements by using link below)

The biggest change is the institution of the Founder Token Vaults! We went ahead and established Vaults that hold 80% of each raise. Our treasury invests those assets, and a significant portion of the returns are then distributed back to the holders daily in Magic. To ensure our Token holders receive maximum returns, our treasury team is curating a top notch wallet to give Battlefly the needed edge to corner the emissions market.

Lets us introduce the Battlefly Treasury Wallet:

1/1 Fallen
x2 Genesis Rare
x20 T1 Treasures

This wallet will have a combined multiplier of over 1300% earning emissions for you daily!

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