Introducing BattleFly Season 1: How to Play and Earn

January 19, 2023

As we prepare to launch the first season of BattleFly, we wanted to give players a quick primer on what we've been building. At its core, BattleFly Season 1 is a strategy game that combines elements of resource management and player decision-making.

The game is centered around the concept of the "BattleFly," a mecha that automatically battles for the player throughout the day. The player's role is to make two key decisions:

  1. Are the right mods equipped in the inventory and is the load-out optimal for winning battles?
  2. Should the BattleFly battle more or less based on its performance?

One of the unique aspects of BattleFly is that there are no "right answers" to these questions, as the decisions of other players have a significant impact on the game. The goal is to build a BattleFly that wins 53% of its battles, as this will require minimal day-to-day maintenance and will steadily accrue Magic.

Some BattleFlys will have win rates of 80% or higher (probably due to 'over-capitalization' of mod packs by its owner) and will need to battle a lot in order to recoup.  These "alpha flies" have the potential to earn significant bonuses by ranking in the top 10, but they also run the risk of over-capitalizing on mod packs and becoming too conservative in their battle frequency to compensate. 

On the other hand, players who increase their battle frequency too high may see negative impacts from extrapolation, losing valuable resources and Magic in the process.

The key to success in BattleFly is resource management. Players will need to carefully balance their mod purchases, battle frequency, and performance to maximize their returns. The game is designed to be accessible, with most players only needing to play for 15-20 minutes per day. Once a player has one BattleFly consistently earning positive ROI, they can add another and continue to build their fleet.

We're excited to launch BattleFly Season 1 and see how players approach the unique challenges of this strategy game. Get ready to test your resource management skills and see if you can rise to the top of the leaderboard."

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