Season One

The rise of AI

Nobody thought that the AI’s, as advanced as they were, would actually overcome human intelligence. But they did.

Back then, the grasp and mastery of magic, the human ability to control other living things, was the last domain of our organic intelligence. In their quest to seize dominance over the last of earth’s remaining resources, humans combined AI, DNA and military technology to create the BattleFly.

Initially designed as tactical assassins, the Battlefly became the most common weapon system on the planet, swarming in their billions. Automated silos producing them were built all over the world. Nothing could prevent them from being built, not even the disappearance of their masters or, much later, the opening in the sky of a Rift to other dimensions, to the Bridgeworld.

With only a fraction of pre-war humans left, some AI were free to fill the vacuum. It was Tsuro 2.0, a mag train management program that made the jump from network to network, controlling the transit systems of entire cities, then countries, continents... worlds.

Unchecked, Tsuro 2.0 now controls the connected universe, interchanging and evolving between species, realities, dimensions and worlds at will. She leads C.O.N.T.R.O.L, a loose coalition of five A.I that strive to keep the worlds ordained and connected.

But other A.I, bent on Entropy, survived the collapse as well. While some want to roam the world and simply live experiences; some, such as Father B, a monstrous Biotech AI, seek to devour it.

Using genetic engineering on itself to become a corporeal monster, as Father B grows more intelligent, so too do his demands on energy as he strips Earth of bio-value, consuming all organic matter in his ever reaching thirst for power.

Some, like HELL-A, the self-created expert system, want to rule alone. He’s also gathering his BattleFlys, spared for their abilities to reproduce and evolve. Armed to the teeth, they swarm and consume on HELL-A’s behalf.

The BattleFlys, serving one AI or another, travel between organic and virtual worlds. Empty castles of both stone and code are their fields of battle as they destroy everything in their path...

Bent on consumption, so little left to consume, they now look to the sky, to the opening Rift…

Powered by $Magic and the Treasure Metaverse
Rather than invent yet another token, BattleFly is powered by $Magic, a currency purpose built to enable NFTs and metaverses to be connected across a complex and ever-growing web of narrative bridges within the Metaverse.

MAGIC is a community-backed token that powers the fast-growing Treasure metaverse, which “powers on” NFTs and turns them from fantasy into productive, yield-bearing assets.  Read more about $Magic and Treasure here.

You can buy $Magic on SushiSwap, on the Arbitrum network.

Players will be able to stake Magic LP tokens to boost the performance of their BattleFly in salvaging Mods and fighting in the Hyperdome. Over time, we’ll add deeper integration with Treasure NFTs and other projects within the metaverse.

Learn more about the Treasure metaverse