What is a battlefly? 
BattleFlys are hybrid AI, DNA and military fighting drones acting as your ticket to play to earn combat and potential $MAGIC glory. BattleFly NFTs were distributed as a free mint and were designed to foster accessibility to all with a low cost of play. Players can command anywhere from 1 to an army of BattleFlys. All BattleFlys are created with the possibility of earning $MAGIC rewards but it’s up to you to unlock your BattleFly’s potential to dominate your opponents and seize rewards.

Where can i learn more about battlefly? 
First things first, read our BattleFly Network Docs to get a broad overview of what we are building, why we are building it, and the play to earn functionality of the game. For further information follow our blog posts , Twitter and join our Discord to connect and engage with the extensive BattleFly community.
How do i Start playing? 
To play BattleFly you will need to first own a BattleFly NFT. BattleFlys can be purchased from Treasure Marketplace.

Once you own a BattleFly visit https://play.battlefly.game/ to get started

What is $magic? 
$Magic is the native token and currency of the Treasure ecosystem, a collection of NFT and DeFi projects collectively building a “decentralized Nintendo” for the metaverse.  

This is an excellent guide for anyone who is new to the $Magic metaverse token: what-is-magic
What are mods? 
Mods are the weapons, armor, and utilities you build your BattleFly with. Your BattleFly has four slots for mods, consisting of two weapon slots, one defense slot, and one utility slot.

Use the following links to learn more:

There are hundreds of mods to choose from, creating incredible strategy and depth of gameplay via near infinite combinations. There are 6 rarities of mods which you can find out about here

How do battles work? 
Once ready for combat, you set a battle rate that determines how many times your BattleFly will battle throughout the day. Caution! There is a risk component where .1 $Magic is on the line each battle, 10% of this is directed to BattleFly DAO to support the ongoing development of the game.

At any point throughout the day you can opt to stop battling and leave the Hyperdome.
What is nectar? 
Nectar is an in-game currency which enables you to;

  • Upgrade BattleFly’s ability to scavenge mods
  • Re-roll a mod pack
  • Roll for an upgraded mod within a mod pack
Nectar is earned via:

  • Losing in combat
  • Collecting Nectar Shards in our arcade style game, BattleFly Racer. (Every 100 shards collected converts into 1 Nectar).
What is battlefly racer?
BattleFly Racer is our interactive racing game where you can fly your BattleFly to collect Nectar. Nectar can then be used in BattleFly Battlegrounds to re-roll and upgrade mods.
What is gfly? 
gFLY is the governance token of the BattleFly Network and secures the fairness (RNG) of the BattleFly game. gFLY can be purchased via MagicSwap. To learn more visit our gFLY overview page.

What is a wasteland? 
Wastelands are a new, 200 supply landscape NFT collection highlighting the BattleFly world. These unique images were AI generated as a base layer, then human-edited and curated. The Wastelands are critical to mod production in BattleFly. These lands are scavenged by BattleFlys in hopes of finding material to produce mods with. If available, Wastelands can be purchased on Trove Marketplace
I'm an influencer/content creator/partner - who do i contact?
We love partnering with projects and creators that align with our vision. If you've got an idea of how could work together please get in touch via this form. We can't wait to hear from you.
How do i sign up for a web3 wallet? 
You will need a Web3 wallet in order to buy and hold a BattleFly and collect $Magic. Wallets are used to send, receive, and store digital assets like and NFTs and cryptocurrency. BattleFly is compatible with all major web3 wallets including Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, WalletConnect and Bitkeep.
What is a play to earn game? 
Play-to-earn games, such as BattleFly, leverage blockchain technology to provide players with the opportunity to earn real-world money by playing. In BattleFly, players can earn $Magic by competing and winning battles against other players.

Play to Earn games bring value back to the players by allowing them to earn rewards in the form of in-game assets like crypto tokens and NFTs by completing tasks, battling other players, or progressing through the game. Additionally, the decentralized nature of play-to-earn games enables players to buy and transfer in-game assets outside of the game's virtual world.

Find out more about blockchain gaming here. 

How do i make money playing battlefly? 
BattleFly is a p2e and pvp hybrid meaning players have the opportunity to earn money in the following ways:

  • Battle Winnings: Players with a win % greater than 51.5% will steadily grow their earnings as they will accumulate more Magic than they lose.
  • Leaderboard Payouts: Players who finish at the top of our Leaderboards are eligible for outsized Magic rewards.