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How did we get here?

The Intelligence war, it consumed us all. We couldn’t see past our own greed, losing our humanity to the machines. Who would have thought, it was us, not them that started this. Billions dead, planets destroyed and what did we have to show for it? Nothing. They say wars have winners and losers but that's a lie. Everyone loses in war, some just lose less than others.

Now here we are on Dexa, worlds away from where we came from in the city of gods, Fallon Guard. Why you may ask? Well, we may have found our humanity through the bloodshed, but we didn’t lose our lust for blood. Here at Fallon Guard lies the Colosseum. What’s left of the A.I. we birthed then fought, are these Battlefly’s. Weapons capable intelligent machines that we imprison for sport.

I’m Razorfin Deadstar, Battlefly operator and 10x champion of the Colosseum: No Way Out Competition. Do you have what it takes to compete, here on Dexa? As they say, To The Victor Belong The Spoils, and there is plentiful Nectar to go around.

Welcome to The Colosseum.


When Does Early ACCESS OPEN?
We'll start letting people into the Colosseum on the 15th December
How Do I get Access?
After you've provided your email and wallet address, you'll be added to our list. We'll be gradually granting access. If you're among the early, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to experience Colossem
How do I play? 
You can access our Game Guide HERE