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How do I make money playing Colosseum?

You can earn MAGIC by placing in the top four of Competitive Colosseum.

1st: 17.5 MAGIC + 1 Mod Pack Credit
2nd: 10 MAGIC
3rd: 5 MAGIC
4th: 2.5 MAGIC

How do I make money playing BattleGrounds ?

BattleFly is a p2e and pvp hybrid meaning players have the opportunity to earn money in the following ways:

Battle Winnings:
Players with a win % greater than 51.5% will steadily grow their earnings as they will accumulate more MAGIC than they lose.

Leaderboard Payouts:
Players who finish at the top of our Leaderboards are eligible for outsized MAGIC rewards.

I'm an influencer/content creator/partner - who do i contact?

We love partnering with projects and creators that align with our vision. If you've got an idea of how could work together please get in touch via this form. We can't wait to hear from you.

What are the Wastelands?

Wastelands are a 200 supply landscape NFT collection highlighting the BattleFly world. These unique images were AI generated as a base layer, then human-edited and curated. The Wastelands are critical to mod production in BattleFly. These lands are scavenged by BattleFlys in hopes of finding material to produce mods with. If available, Wastelands can be purchased on Treasure Marketplace.

What is gFLY?

gFLY both powers and governs the BattleFly Network, staked gFLY is used to power our RNG engine and ensure provable fairness across the network. gFLY can be purchased via MagicSwap and MEXC. To learn more visit our gFLY overview page.

What are Mods?

Mods are the weapons, armour, and utilities you build your BattleFly with.

Your BattleFly has four slots for mods, consisting of two weapon slots, one defense slot, and one utility slot.

There are hundreds of mods to choose from, creating incredible strategy and depth of gameplay via near infinite combinations.

What currency do I need to play?

You can purchase any of our bundles with ETH, MAGIC or ARB. The bundles include everything you need to play Battlegrounds.

Competitive playing requires holding MAGIC, while playing casually requires Nectar.

How do I play Colosseum?

You don't need an NFT to play Colosseum. Just head to play.battlefly.game/colosseum, connect your wallet and join the competition.

To play in the Casual Arena you will need Nectar and to play in the Competitive Arena you will need to hold MAGIC

What is the difference between BattleGrounds, Colosseum and Racer?

An Idle PVP strategy game in which you compete against other BattleFlys and win their battle fees.

A draft-style tournament game with strategy at its core.

An interactive racing game where you can fly your BattleFly to collect Nectar.

Where do I learn more about BattleFly

First things first, read our BattleFly Network Docs to get a broad overview of what we are building, why we are building it, and the play to earn functionality of the game. Next read our Game Guides to find out how to play each of our games.

For further information follow our blog posts, Twitter and join our Discord to connect and engage with the vibrant BattleFly community.

What is a BattleFly?

BattleFlys are hybrid AI, DNA, and military fighting drones that serve as your gateway to play all the various games in the BattleFly world.

You can acquire a BattleFly NFT via https://app.treasure.lol/collection/battlefly.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Starter Bundle which includes a Soulbound BattleFly.

BattleFlys are essential to play Battlegrounds and Racer, but they are not required for playing Colosseum.

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