One BattleFly. Two Games


An experimental P2E/PVP hybrid blockchain game taking place over multiple seasons. Equip your BattleFly with a winning combo of mods and send it into combat. Strategic thinking will get you far in this game and increase your ability to earn.
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BattleFly Racer

An arcade style blockchain game designed to test your speed and skill. Pilot your BattleFly through a world of obstacles to collect nectar and gain a space on the leaderboard. With enough practice - it’s anyones game
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About the game


A BattleFly is a unique, customizable and collectible NFT that players can use to compete against each other in the Arenas of the game. Each has its own set of traits, such as health, attack power, and defense, that can be improved by equipping better mods.
About Mods
A BattleFly has 4 equipment slots, where players can use different mods that they can obtain by scavenging packs. Mods come in 5 rarities, allowing players to create a truly unique and powerful BattleFly.
Stake your BattleFly in the hyperdome with $magic and compete against other players in merciless idle strategic combat! Players can earn valuable in-game rewards, including $Magic and gFLY tokens.

Optimise your rank and ROI to finish Season 1 on top

Every BattleFly is mathematically capable of generating a positive ROI for its owner, but picking the right strategy is vital.  If your BattleFly enters the Hyperdome under-prepared, it may lose many battles and your staked $magic will slowly, but inevitably be seized by superior competitors.  

Fortune favors the strategic

Some blockchain games start as affordable to play, but quickly become inaccessible to players as the price of NFT assets within the game rapidly inflates.

BattleFlys tokenomics have been purposefully designed to promote inclusivity, and ensure the game has an entry price that enables people from all over the world to play. We are committed to maintaining a low cost entry point, and rewarding players based on their strategic gameplay, not the size of their wallet.

Powered by $Magic and the Treasure Metaverse
BattleFly is powered by $Magic, a currency purpose built to enable NFTs and metaverses to be connected across a complex and ever-growing web of narrative bridges within the Metaverse.

MAGIC is a community-backed token that powers the fast-growing Treasure metaverse, which “powers on” NFTs and turns them from fantasy into productive, yield-bearing assets.  Read more about $Magic and Treasure here.

You can buy $Magic on SushiSwap, on the Arbitrum network.